Synthetic Dreadlocks in Huntsville, AL

The fashion of men’s and women’s hairstyles is constantly changing, but for many years one thing has remained unchanged – the demand for dreadlocks, which allow you to radically change your style. Today there is no need to form them yourself from natural hair, as it became possible to buy synthetic crochet dreadlocks from such material as kanekalon. Such dreadlocks are easy to weave into your hair and easy to remove after the term of wearing.

In our Daddy Dreads Studio online store there is a wide range of handmade dreadlocks, made by professional stylists (locticians) with a special weaving technique. You can choose and buy any set of unique color dreads of different length and thickness, which will make your hairstyle more original and unusual. We offer a large selection of textured sets, curly dreads and dreads made of natural hair at cheap prices.

Depending on the requirements for your future style, in our catalog you can choose for yourself DE and SE versions of synthetic dreads, made in a natural color palette, as well as multi-colored sets, which will provide the transition of color from brighter and more saturated to a calm muted tone. Each visitor of our online store will be able to find the best curly dreads for creating the perfect hairstyle that can change their lifestyle. Due to the high quality kanekalon and a special weaving technique, our sets can be used two or three times with proper care. You have to wash them once in 7-10 days with water-diluted shampoo and dry them gently with a soft towel.

Single Ended vs Double Ended

People who want to buy synthetic faux locs for the first time usually do not know the difference between double ended dreads and single ended, and which is better to use to create the necessary hairstyle. There is a large selection of DE and SE sets in the catalog of our Daddy Dreads Studio, that differ from each other according to several criteria:

  • SE or “single ended” is an extension with a loop in the upper part, through which the natural hair is passed with a hook and woven into a synthetic curl.
  • DE or “double ended” is a long extension that is folded in half and woven into a person’s hair by a stylist using half-round eight strand or French braiding technique.

Synthetic “single ended” dreadlocks are used if you want to extend the existing dreadlocks, and also for weaving on the temples, a great option if the base consists of “double ended” extensions, so as not to weigh down the weight of the head. Both types of dreadlocks can be braided even into short hair, from 10 cm in length, and you will get a beautiful long hairstyle. If you like wavy curls, you can order a set of curly dreadlocks in natural colors or in unusual shades, they are a great alternative to classic dreadlocks. All kanekalon extensions are reusable and can be worn for about 6-8 weeks and then removed and rewoven to update your hairstyle.

Our online store offers a large variety of CE and DE dreadlocks so that you can regularly change your style depending on your chosen clothing and inner state of mind. If you are not afraid to experiment, our studio will help you choose safe temporary dreadlocks to change your style.

Fake Dreadlocks in Huntsville, AL

Colored Dreadlocks from Daddy Dreads Studio

To order in the online store of our studio, you need to choose your favorite ready-made dreadlock set, add it to the cart and fill in the contact information. We’ll ship it to you in Huntsville, AL by fast and convenient DHL Express delivery service, so you can get your package from the courier within 7-14 days.

Also, in our catalog you can choose and buy various accessories and decorations for dreadlocks made of natural wood, epoxy, metal or clay. One of the most popular choices among our customers are spiralocks – flexible spiral-shaped products made of soft wire wrapped in natural sheep wool and fixed by a special thread. Unlike the usual rubber bands, they allow to gather dreadlocks in a ponytail on the nape or crown, without damaging the synthetic kanekalon hair. Besides, they serve as a great decoration as they come in different colors (black, gray-black, purple, yellow, brown, sandy, brown-green, beige and other shades similar to natural hair or bright and eye-catching). At Daddy Dreads Studio, you’ll find everything you need to create new CE and DE dreadlocks hairstyles at the cheapest prices.

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