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Textured crochet dreadlocks are a type of synthetic dreadlocks made with a special crochet method.

Sets of crochet dreadlocks come in different colors and lengths, just like other varieties of synthetic dreadlocks, while their distinctive feature is that they are similar in texture and appearance to naturally formed dreadlocks. Their texture can be visually comparable to the roots of a tree, which gives your hair a unique and natural look. Each set of such dreadlocks is special because each extension has its own distinctive look thanks to irregularities that create a very soft and pleasant texture.

They are installed, generally, using half-round eight strand technique, but often stylists also use the technique of French braiding, which makes the hairstyle look even more unusual.

Despite the fact that the crochet dreadlocks look more voluminous than some other varieties of synthetic dreadlocks, this hairstyle is light and hardly perceptible, thanks to a special technique of making extensions. You can also achieve a comfortable volume of hair by changing the number of extensions: the more there are, the more voluminous your hairstyle looks. The ideal option is 50-55 extensions with a double tip for medium-thick hair.

Textured crochet dreadlocks can be installed on a specific part of your head (on the back, for example) or incorporated into an undercut hairstyle, just like other synthetic dreadlocks. The slightly careless appearance makes the hairstyle look stylish and interesting. The dreadlock set can be decorated by adding various braids, beads, metal pendants and handmade accessories. They will fit perfectly into a bright image and complement it. This hairstyle will suit creative people, individuals who are free from the limits and restrictions on self-expression, and will definitely attract the attention of others.

At Daddy Dreads, you can purchase incredibly soft and lightweight sets of crochet dreads, handcrafted by our stylists. There is a wide variety of dread sets available in various combinations and shades. If you would like to order a custom set, please feel free to reach out to us through our “Contact Us” section.