My name is
— Danila Deriabin

I am the creator and founder of Daddy Dreads studio in Krasnodar. For over 11 years I have been dedicating myself to the art of dreads weaving, and my studio has become a place where we create stunning dreads from natural and synthetic hair. In 2013 I founded the Daddy Dreads brand and in 2020 I opened a studio in Krasnodar. I also developed an online course “Braiding Natural Dreads from scratch”, which helped a lot of masters to master this art. My knowledge and experience have been highly appreciated at professional events such as Braid Flowers 2023 and Braid Event Fairy Tales 2023, where I was a speaker and judge.

My goal is to make dreadlocks affordable and quality for everyone, regardless of location. That’s why we offer free shipping worldwide and actively partner with models and beauty salons. I’m proud to have been able to help not only professional crafters, but also newbies looking to learn the craft. My Instagram (@daddy__dread) and website ( serve not only as platforms for sales and promotion, but also as sources of inspiration for thousands of people. Each post and video reflects my passion for dreadlocks and my desire to improve the world through art. I try to share my experiences on social media as often as possible, and I hope my tips and content are useful to you as well!