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In the world of hair fashion, dreadlocks have always been a way to show your unique style. People from different backgrounds have embraced these distinctive locks, and they have changed over time. If you want to upgrade your style with the timeless charm of dreadlocks, Daddy Dreads offers something special: Double Ended Dreadlocks.

Double Ended Dreadlock Extensions

Our double ended dreadlock extensions are a game-changer if you’ve ever wanted to try dreadlocks without committing to them for life. These extensions are made from strong synthetic materials, giving you both style options and durability.

At Daddy Dreads, we know everyone is different. That’s why we offer these extensions in different textures, like curly and wavy. Whether you like a relaxed, bohemian look or a more polished one, our double ended dreadlock extensions can match your style just right.

Double Ended Synthetic Dreadlocks

While natural dreadlocks are admired for their natural look, they can take a lot of time to care for and grow. That’s where synthetic dreadlocks come in. Our studio has taken dreadlocks to the next level with double ended synthetic dreadlocks.

Synthetic dreads have some advantages over natural ones. They’re very versatile, letting you try different lengths, styles, and textures without a long-term commitment. Whether you want long, flowing locks or a short, chic look, our DE synthetic dreadlocks can meet your preferences.

These synthetic dreadlocks are also lightweight and easy to manage. Say goodbye to heavy, bothersome hair – our double ended synthetic sets are designed for comfort and convenience. Plus, they’re long-lasting, so you can show off your unique style for a long time.

Double Ended Crochet Dreadlocks

Craftsmanship is important to our studio. Each set of DE dreads is carefully made by expert craftsmen, ensuring that each lock is a work of art. Our commitment to quality is clear in our double ended crochet dreadlocks.

Crochet dreadlocks are known for their detailed design and excellent craftsmanship. They’re made by weaving synthetic hair through natural hair or a braided base, resulting in a smooth, natural look. With Daddy Dreads double ended crochet dreadlocks, you can easily get the dreadlock look you’ve always wanted.

Curly Double Ended Dreads

If you love curly hair and have always wanted curly dreadlocks, curly DE dreads are a great choice. Our offers a special collection of faux dreadlocks in different curly styles, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

These faux dreadlocks blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving it fullness and texture. They add character and charm to your hair. Whether you want to enhance your natural curls or try a bold curly look, curly double ended dreads offer plenty of options.

What’s fantastic about these synthetic double ended dreads is that you can enjoy the curly dreadlock style without the commitment and effort needed for real dreadlocks. It’s a simple and stylish way to change your look and make a statement.

Short Double Ended Dreads

Got short hair but dreaming of dreadlocks? Daddy Dreads has the solution – short double ended dreads. These are like faux hairpieces that instantly make your short hair longer and thicker.

Putting them in is easy, so you don’t have to worry about complicated hairstyles. They’re perfect if you want to try the cool dreadlock style without waiting for your hair to grow. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to match your own taste.

These hair add-ons aren’t just about copying the dreadlock look; they’re about showing off your unique style. Short DE dreads from our studio are a quick and trendy way to make a bold fashion statement if you have short hair.

Long Double Ended Dreads

For those who want the drama and elegance of long, flowing dreadlocks, our long DE Dreads are the perfect choice. These extensions offer an easy way to get the coveted long dreadlock look without spending years growing and maintaining your hair.

Long double ended sets come in various lengths, so you can choose what fits your style best. Whether you like a free-spirited bohemian look or a more polished, sophisticated appearance, these extensions can be customized for your uniqueness.

Double Ended Dreads vs. Single Ended

When you’re deciding on dreadlocks for your hairstyle, you’ll come across the choice between double ended dreads and single ended dreads. Both options have their own features, so let’s look at the main differences to help you make the right choice for your style.

DE Dreads

  1. Versatile: DE have dreads on both ends of the extension. This lets you style them from either end, giving you more creative freedom for different looks.
  2. More Volume: Double ended dreads often provide more volume than single ended ones. If you want a fuller and more dramatic dreadlock style, DE dreads are a great choice.
  3. Longer to Install: They can take a bit more time to put in since you have to work with both ends of each dread. But this extra effort can lead to a more dynamic and textured result.
  4. Heavier: Because of their design, double ended dreads can be heavier, especially if you use a lot of extensions. Keep this in mind if you have a sensitive scalp or prefer a lighter feel.

SE Dreads

  1. Simple: SE have dreads on one end and a loop or attachment on the other. They’re generally easier to install since you only need to attach the looped end to your natural hair or a braided base.
  2. Natural Look: SE dreads can look more natural because they’re attached more seamlessly to your hair. This can be a preferred choice if you want your dreadlocks to blend in smoothly with your natural hair.
  3. Lighter Weight: These extensions are usually lighter, making them more comfortable for extended wear. If you’re concerned about the weight of your dreads, single ended options may be a better fit.
  4. Less Versatile in Styling: While you can still create various styles with single ended dreads, they may not offer as much flexibility as double ended dreads when it comes to complex looks.

The Decision is Yours

In short, your choice between DE and SE dreads depends on your style preferences and how you prioritize factors like volume, ease of installation, and weight. Both options can help you achieve stunning dreadlock hairstyles, so consider your unique needs to find the perfect fit for your look.

Double Ended Dreadlocks