Welcome to Daddy Dreads Shop!

Our studio is a community of admirers of aesthetic and individual hairstyles.

We make dreadlocks with love and see them as art, a challenge against stereotypes, a way to express your uniqueness and change your life.

Nine years of experience in locking and braiding allows us to assert that high-quality aesthetic dreadlocks are a universal hairstyle that suits everyone. For nine years, we’ve been braiding dreadlocks for a wide variety of people from all over the world. Daddy Dreads now has a team of 10 like-minded professionals. Each of our works is a result of careful attention to people and hard work: we have made kilometers of dreadlocks that resulted in 2000 sets sent all over the world, spun natural and synthetic dreadlocks for 1500 clients and trained more than 100 experts. Each of our sets is the embodiment of the designer’s idea, realized with high quality materials.

When our client sees their new hairstyle, their eyes light up and their sense of self changes. Dreadlocks definitely add confidence and fire to everyone’s life. The emotions that people feel when they look in the mirror at their dreadlocks are the best appreciation for us.

It was with emotions that our studio began, when ten years ago our founder rolled his first dreadlocks and felt that through creating dreads, he could make people happier and change the world around him. Out of this feeling grew a desire to build a team and make other people’s lives brighter.

Dreadlocks are the magic that changes our mood and mindset, and we are happy to invite you into this magical world.