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Curly dreadlocks entered the dreadmaking scene not so long ago and immediately gained huge popularity among fans of hairstyles experiments. It’s a great alternative to hair extensions with a huge number of advantages such as fast installation, a wearing period of 6-8 weeks, gorgeous volume and a wide range of colors.

This hairstyle features long curled locks with braided roots. The dreadlocks are installed using half-round eight strand technique like other synthetic dreadlocks, but you will need more pieces for your head, 60 on average. A set of curly dreadlocks can withstand 2-3 installations with a neat and fresh appearance if properly cared for.

Curly dreadlocks require more care than other types of synthetic dreadlocks. This includes the following:

  • To prevent tangling, the locks should be arranged in one or two loose braids before going to bed.
  • The locks should be separated daily, and the tangled parts should be carefully cut apart.
  • Wash your hair once every ten days, using pre-foamed shampoo.
  • Choose soft textile elastic bands to create hairstyles so that the locks do not become deformed or tangled.

Under no circumstances should you use flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers in hot mode, as the material used to make dreadlocks is not heat-resistant – your hairstyle may be damaged and irreversibly ruined.

Curly dreadlocks are an opportunity to rapidly reinvent yourself and take a fresh look. This hairstyle allows you to experiment with the color and length of your hair, without damaging it or radically changing your image. This hairstyle allows you to discover something unusual in yourself and delight people around you.

Daddy Dread’s curly dreadlocks are quality extensions made of hypoallergenic materials and come in a wide range of colors. Thanks to the quality of craftsmanship, they last for a long time and allow you to look at yourself from a new perspective.

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