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Crochet dreadlocks made in the “natural” technique are the most popular type of synthetic dreadlocks. As we can already understand from the name, by its texture and appearance they are very similar to natural dreadlocks, while, like other types of synthetic dreadlocks, are installed using half-round eight strand or French braiding technique for 6-8 weeks, so it is still absolutely safe for your hair and easy to remove at the end of the wearing period.

There is a great variety of colors and lengths to choose from, and the dreadlocks can also be decorated and modified by adding different kinds of braids, accessories in the form of beads and pendants made of materials such as wood, polymer clay, epoxy resin and various metals. An interesting and bright addition to the hairstyle is braiding multicolored threads and handmade jewelry into some of the dreadlocks.

Despite the similarity of “natural-looking” crochet dreadlocks with real natural dreadlocks, the volume of the hairstyle is noticeably different if we are talking about double ended (DE) extensions, as they have two ends with extension being installed in the middle, so double the volume. The natural volume can be achieved by installing single ended (SE) extensions, or by combining DE and SE and adjusting their number.

These dreadlocks can serve as a vivid example of how neat this unconventional hairstyle can be, since each lock of this variety in the set is a perfectly even comb, neatly crocheted and wet-heat-treated to get rid of knots and protruding hair.

“Natural” crochet dreadlocks are ideal for achieving a concise and neat, but at the same time unusual and bright look that will attract attention and leave no one indifferent.

Daddy Dread’s “natural-looking” dread sets are made from quality, hypoallergenic material. They retain a neat look for a long time, which allows you to install them several times.

Our store offers a wide selection of ready-made sets, plus you can order an individual set of dreads, choosing your own color and length.

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