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The variety of different accessories for dreadlocks is quite large: beads, headpieces, pendants, handmade jewelry, etc. The most unusual, yet most indispensable accessory for dreadlocks are the spiralocks.

Spiralocks are flexible spirals made from bendable wire wrapped in merino wool using a wet felting process and then tightly threaded.

It is a rather soft and tactilely pleasing accessory, which allows you to create different hairstyles with synthetic and natural dreadlocks. Due to their shape, flexibility and softness, spiralocks secure the dreadlocks in such a way that they won’t deform or wring at the attachment point, which makes them an obvious choice between a hairband and such a spiral.

Spiralocks come in different colors and sizes. With the wide variety of choice, you are sure to find a spiral for every taste and for every hair volume.

Dreadlocks put together with brightly colored spiralocks look stylish and are easy to wear as, unlike with a hair band, there is no extra tension underneath, which is traumatic for the dreads and the scalp. It’s the perfect accessory that every person wearing natural or synthetic dreadlocks needs.

There is a wide range of spiralocks in Daddy Dreads shop. There are color combinations to suit all tastes, from bright and lush to more subdued. Each of the spiralocks is handmade with love and care for your dreadlocks.

If you need more information, or would like to order the customized spiralocks in a color that is not in stock, you can reach out to us via the “Contact Us” section. We will be happy to answer all your questions.