How to wash your dreadlocks

The process of washing both natural and synthetic dreadlocks is different from washing unbraided hair. You can wash your hair with usual frequency, using your favorite shampoos, but the method of washing has to be changed.

Washing method for synthetic dreadlocks:

  1. Wet your dreads and scalp.
  2. Lather up a small amount of shampoo approximately 1:1 with water.
  3. Massage the resulting foam onto the parting and roots of your hair. Kanekalon dreadlocks do not require any cleaning procedures.
  4. Rinse the foam thoroughly with running water.
  5. Repeat the procedure one more time.

We recommend washing your synthetic dreadlocks once or twice a week. If your hair gets dirty rather quickly, you can wipe your scalp along the parting with micellar water, which does not require rinsing, so that you won’t have to wash your hair too often.

Washing method for natural dreadlocks:

With natural dreadlocks you can use the previous method, but for deeper cleansing you can soak your dreadlocks in a solution of water with your hair cleanser. After soaking, be sure to rinse your dreadlocks with running water.

The recommended interval for washing natural dreadlocks is no more than once every 5-7 days, but you can adjust to your individual features of your scalp and wash as often as you see fit.

As for the choice of cleansing products, you may have your own preferences, since you already know what is suitable for your hair and scalp, but it is important to exclude the use of lotions, masks and conditioners.