How to prepare for the installation of synthetic dreadlocks

Synthetic dreadlocks are both quick to install and safe for your hair, but we have some suggestions on how to prepare your hair for braiding to speed up the work of the stylist and make it more comfortable, safe and long-lasting.

  1. How to preserve the quality of your hair

If your hair is dry and brittle, it is better to restore its structure beforehand. This is especially true for the ends, which can get dry from wearing synthetic dreadlocks because of the way they are attached.

The skin of the scalp should also not be overly dry, because the unusual tension may cause dandruff and unnecessary irritation. Wash your head with a product that does not dry out your skin.

  1. How to help your stylist do the job quickly and efficiently

Before installing dreadlocks, you should wash your hair without using lotions, masks or conditioners. This is due to the fact that after applying such products hair becomes too slick, which in turn creates inconvenience for the stylist.

Preferably, your hair ends should not be cut perfectly straight. Otherwise, the stylist will need more time to attach the dreads to the hair.

  1. How to ensure lasting appearance of temporary dreadlocks

Avoid having procedures such as getting Botox, keratin straightening or hair lamination before braiding. Such treatments will cause your hair to return to its natural state, so there is a risk that your new hairstyle will quickly lose its shape.