Dreadlocks for Thin Hair: How to Achieve the Perfect Look

Dreadlocks for Thin Hair, how to Achieve the Perfect Look

Dreadlocks are a unique and expressive hairstyle. But keeping them looking good can be hard, especially for people with thin hair. At Daddy Dreads Studio, we have nine years of experience in locking and braiding hair. We know how to create and maintain dreadlocks for all hair types. This article will help you understand if you can add extra hair to your dreads and how to make thin hair look fuller with dreadlocks.

Adding Extra Hair to Your Dreads

Many people with fine hair wonder if they can add extra hair to their dreads to make them thicker. While it is possible, we do not recommend it. Here’s why:

Potential Problems

  1. Weight and Breakage: Even if you add extra hair, the base of each dread stays the same size. Over time, this extra weight can make your dreads too heavy. This can lead to breakage because the thin roots of your natural hair can’t support the added weight.
  2. Scalp Health: Adding hair to your roots all the time can strain your scalp. This can cause discomfort and other scalp issues.

Better Solutions

Instead of adding extra hair, work with your natural hair’s thickness. Embracing your hair’s natural texture can lead to beautiful, healthy dreadlocks. Using the right sectioning and styling methods can also make your dreads look fuller without damaging them.

Real Dreads with Thin Hair

Making dreadlocks with thin hair needs a smart approach. You can still get a full, voluminous look with the right techniques. Our founder, who also has fine hair, is a great example. By setting realistic goals and using the right sectioning, he achieved a beautiful set of real dreads that grew fuller over time.

Division and Sectioning

How you section your dreads is very important. For fine hair, using a mix of square and triangular sections can make your natural dreadlocks look thicker. This method helps the dreads fall nicely, making them look more natural and voluminous.

Ask a Professional

If you’re unsure about how to get started, talk to a professional dreadlock stylist. A skilled loctician can look at your hair and give you the best advice. This way, you can get the results you want without any surprises.

More Volume in Your Dreads

When you have dreadlocks, you will keep more hair. Normally, people lose about 80-100 hairs per day. With dreadlocks, these hairs stay in the dreads, making them thicker over time.

Extensions and Synthetic Dreads

If you want even more volume, you can add human hair dreadlock extensions or synthetic dreads. Place them between your natural dreads to enhance fullness. Remember to move them around sometimes to avoid weak spots.

Real Dreadlocks: Patience and Care

Getting real dreads with thin hair takes time and care. As your dreads mature, they will naturally become thicker and more voluminous. The key is to work with your hair’s natural properties and avoid doing things that could harm your dreads or scalp.


At Daddy Dreads Studio, we believe that dreadlocks are more than just a hairstyle. They are a form of art and self-expression. Even if you have fine hair, you can still have beautiful dreadlocks with the right techniques and care. By embracing your natural hair and seeking advice from professionals, you can enjoy a full, stunning head of dreadlocks that reflects your unique style.


Can I add extra hair to my dreads to make them thicker?

While you can add extra hair, we do not recommend it. Extra weight can lead to breakage because the thin roots of your natural hair can’t support it. This can also strain your scalp.

How can I make my dreadlocks look fuller with thin hair?

To make dreadlocks look fuller with fine hair, use the right sectioning techniques, like mixing square and triangular sections. This helps create a more voluminous look. A professional dreadlock stylist can also give you personalized advice.

Is it possible to have a full head of dreadlocks with thin hair?

Yes, you can have a full head of dreadlocks with fine hair. It may not be as thick as with thicker hair, but proper sectioning and natural hair retention in the dreads will help achieve a fuller look over time.

Can I add synthetic dreads to my natural dreads for more volume?

Yes, you can add synthetic dreads to your natural dreads for more volume. Place them strategically and move them around from time to time to avoid creating weak spots.

What should I consider when getting dreadlocks with thin hair?

When getting dreadlocks with thin hair, set realistic expectations and use the right sectioning method. Consulting a professional loctician can help you understand the best approach for your hair type and avoid any disappointments.

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