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Temporary dreadlocks extensions – the best option for creating your image

The popularity of fake dreadlocks in recent decades is only growing. And so around the world, wherever Rap and Reggae are popular. Celebrities from the rap culture increasingly use them. Our online store was created so that you could easily become the owner of such a smart and extraordinary hairstyle, and the price was affordable.

It is not necessary to turn your own hair into dreadlocks – today they are made of artificial materials and woven in a special way. Synthetic dreadlock extensions differ in a huge variety of lengths and colors, from natural to ultra-bright and contrasting. With their help, the master is able to create a hairstyle of any length even on short hair. Weaving is carried out from 10-cm. hair.

Safe dreadlocks for your hair

Hairstyle, made with interweaving of synthetic dreads, attracts to its owner the views and attention of others. The process of weaving temporary (safe) crochet dreads lasts from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the length of the hair. To remove the risk of damage to the hair, artificial dreadlocks were created, they are also called temporary. With their appearance, popularity has grown many times.

Today there are two basic types of safe dreads:

  • Under natural – the method of manufacturing such dreads is identical to natural. They can also be used to lengthen your natural dreads.
  • Classic – as in the previous method of weaving, used woven strands, but with further twisting and heat treatment, without using a hook.

There are 2 types of fake dreads:

  • CE (single ended dreadlocks) – one end.
  • DE (double ended dreadlocks) – double end.

Any of these options – DE dreadlocks or CE – you can purchase in our salon-shop (the price depends on the quantity).

Why buy dreadlocks better from us?

  • Salon-studio “Daddy Dread” is engaged in weaving cheap dread for more than 6 years.
  • Each of our masters has been fully trained in making the kind of cheap dreadlocks extensions, which he does.
  • Extensive practical experience allows you to create for each client a unique image.
  • All orders are carried out accurately and efficiently, exclusively by hand with love and attention in detail.
  • We use only certified and safe materials.
  • We always try to maintain minimum prices for our services.
  • You can buy temporary dreadlocks, being both in Krasnodar, and in any other settlement of Russia or the World – delivery is carried out worldwide.